Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear Inglorious Basterds,

Dear People,

I went to go see Inglorious Basterds tonight with a good friend. As the previews were starting, I was texting with friend I am living with this coming fall.

The long and short of it is that I set up internet at our house, and he wanted me to cancel it so he could get some deals on internet and the cable. He was texting me to see if I had called yet. To his disgust, I hadn't. I could probably tell you many reasons why I didn't call, but probably the best one is cause I really didn't care for cable, and if he wanted it so bad, he should call to cancel.
So, he told me he was doing me a favour by getting these deals, so I replied by saying I am doing him a favour by doing it because I don't want cable.
I felt really proud with that come back, "I put him in his place" I relished in my victory.

Which he replied (and I quote), "Basically right are being a prideful igornant tool. Take 4 goddamn minutes out of your day and cancel what you ordered. i am TRYING to be polite but you keep making excuses and putting it off. How you dont want to save mney makes no sense. For someone in debt as much as you are after one year of school should know better. Just make the call aaron. No offense, but its not lik youve had much of a jobt to keep you busy lately."
I was impressed. He has such a way with words.
As I read this, I was cut to the heart. Not because he was right (he was), but he called me a "prideful igornant tool." And that is exactly what I think of him.
Now you see, when a prideful igornant tool, calls you a prideful igornant tool, you are a prideful igornant tool.
So, I did what any good friend would do. I said, "Word" and watched the movie.

After the movie, I was reminded of the above, and was still deeply troubled in my spirit. "I am right, why should I apologize. He should apologize to me for calling me a prideful igornant tool!" At that moment, I realized something,

we are all inglorious basterds.

I was in the wrong, yet I did not want to admit it. Sure, I can be stubborn and still not call to cancel or hope to a better friend next time.
on a infinite scale: God creates human beings and says (paraphrasing),"Alright, so basically you can do anything you want. I give you free choice to choose life with Me, your Creator, or death." And we basically say back, "Sweet, I rather be independant and go out on my own. I want to choose good sometimes, and evil sometimes, and maybe sometimes I'll even pretend you don't exsist, and convince others you don't either. Alright God, thanks for the option of death, have a good life, or in your case, a good eternity."

At that moment, we became inglorious basterds.

We instead of taking the obvious choice, life with God, we wanted to experience the world we live in.
I, for one, am trying to choose a life of following this God. But the profound thing is, when I am an inglorious basterd to God by choosing the world over Him, I am the same inglorious basterd towards my friend over some stupid unimportant cable tv/internet decision, and the only solution is to ask for forgiveness, and reconcile.
Which is not the obvious decision, but, in my opinion, the right one.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dear People,

Dear People,

The first post always needs to be carefully constructed just so the initial audience, be it friends, family, or the perfect stranger will continue reading passed the first sentence. If the blogger, which I now am, can get them past this first breaking-in stage, than the rest of the writing will feel as comfortable as an old pair of moccasins, an old sweater,an old pair of jeans, or something made of cotton fibres.

So, let us get comfortable.

I am, as you are, a person with a mind that likes to wonder. Socrates said, "Wisdom beings in wonder" and we need to start wondering again. We need to start using our God-given imagination to its maximum output so we can start feeling comfortable in our skin again.

I write this blog so that I, and you, can partake in a journey that furthers our pursuit towards a Divine Mystery, and a Divine Truth. If you disagree, great! Tell me why and make it convincing. If you agree, great! Tell my why and make it snappy. But together we will walk side by side, smell the roses, and maybe stop once in a while take in, and discuss the glorious scenery we call life (maybe over some tea).

So, let us get comfortable.